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"A for Apple, B for ball".  From a very early age, children are taught the fundamentals of language and math. But do we devote time and effort to teach children the ABCs of body safety?

Circles of Safety presents 'S.M.A.R.T.' Body Safety rules that every child must be taught from an early age to be able to develop the emotional understanding and language to express concerning behaviours and assert healthy body boundaries. The booklet is packed with real-life situations and practical tips on communicating the SMART rules with your child in a fun manner. Grab the opportunity to educate yourself on what to say and how to say it! 


Age: Booklet is appropriate for adults. The information is to be conveyed to children as young as 2 years in a simple and age-appropriate manner. 

BONUS: Print and pin the FREE poster included in your child's room or common space as a daily reminder!  

Have you ever considered that your child may be at risk of being sexually abused? Most parents disagree. Many a times, this false sense of security becomes your biggest weakness. Denying it won't make it go away. 

Child sexual abuse breeds in silence! So the best way to put an end to it is to make some noise - learn the facts, spot the early warning signs and stop boundary violations. 

Take the first preventive step by educating yourself on the basics - how does it happen, who can be victims, how can we prevent it and much more. 

Age: 18+ years (for adults)

Children often silently bear the burden of being sexually victimised. As responsible adults, it is up to us to provide a supportive environment where children feel safe and comfortable to disclose any concerns. 

The booklet lists some helpful ways to sensitively handle disclosures from children and also points out some common mistakes to avoid. 

Use these tips today to be the trusted adult the child turns to for help. 

Age: 18+ years (for adults)

BONUS: Poster (included) can be used as a cheat sheet across varying situations to track your communication with the child. 


Sexual abuse at any age can be a very confusing and isolating experience. 


The booklet attempts to briefly display the impact of child sexual abuse across all areas of a victim's life. With enough time, the right tools, and proper support, it is possible to move forward in a healthy way beyond the trauma of childhood abuse. Refer to the resources included to seek support and start the healing journey. 

We would love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve this booklet, or if you are aware of any other resources we can pass forward to survivors.

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Are you a parent who raises an eyebrow while reading unpleasant headlines in the newspaper and hiding it quickly so the children don't see it? Don't worry. You are not alone. 

As parents who are wired to work hard towards and aspire for nothing but the best for the kids, we often neglect or forget to have THE discussion with them that dwells deep into their feelings as well as things that matter more than learning to colour within the lines or getting that math sum perfect in the first try. 

In this exclusive for Kidsstoppress, we have joined hands to present a series of modules that talk in-depth about body safety for children and what parents must know. 

Through a series of videos, we will explain to kids (aged 4 to 8 years) on safe vs unsafe touch, the importance of consent, understanding feelings, building a safety network, understanding private parts, and a guide for parents on how to understand these topics and raise caring children. 

Anuja Amin handles these serious topics through wonderful and useful videos that explain vital information in a language the kids follow, isn't too preachy and through the use of art activities, storytelling, worksheets, and lots more! 

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