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Every other child in India is sexually abused, very often by someone they trust. Children brave such horrifying scars alone. Ever wonder why? Partly because as a society we have denied its extent, as families we have missed opportunities for courage and sometimes as individuals we have actively covered it up at the expense of our children. It’s time we start feeling the pain of such violations and take initiative to keep our children safe. 


Circles of Safety sensitizes the community on preventing this silent epidemic. The solution is clear: heightened awareness in the community and early intervention in the form of comprehensive sexuality education. We have developed a rights-based curriculum to provide age-appropriate and accurate education to young people. The curriculum informs students from grades 1 to 12 on an on-going basis, on a variety of topics including puberty, gender stereotypes, healthy relationships, bullying, consent and more.  It enables them to take responsibility for their own decisions and behaviours, and the ways in which they may affect others.

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Circles of Safety is my response to the years of self blame, guilt and lack of prevention knowledge. I firmly believe that the circle of adults around the child need to be educated on the issue and empowered with simple strategies to reduce the risk of a child being victimised. Only then, can children grow up with their boundaries intact.

Anuja Amin

Founder, Circles of Safety

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Our Story

Our Story

Workshop for Parent and Safe Adults

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Pick education over ignorance, every time!

Workshop for parents and any concerned adult

This workshop demystifies child sexual abuse and empowers adults to proactively take steps to  safeguard children from sexual assault.  

Available in-person & online

Workshop for schools 
& youth serving organisations

This workshop provides POCSO compliance training and strategies on sharing child sexual abuse prevention knowledge  with children.

Available in-person & online

Comprehensive Sexuality Education Curriculum (grades 1-12)

This curriculum informs students  on crucial aspects of growing up using an interactive and non-threatening approach. It also enables caregivers and teachers to openly discuss sensitive topics. 

Available in-person

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (Grades 1-12)

This curriculum informs students on crucial aspects of growing up using an interactive and non-threatening approach. It also enables caregivers and teachers to openly discuss sensitive topics.

Available in-person

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